Burns, baby, Burns...

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Ken Burns as an action film director? Seriously?

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"Awesome!" -- NY Neo-Futurists
How does this fit in with Mark Twain, Rachael Ray, Dante Aligheri (no relation), an undersea explorer, a mythological mother and a troubadour in a musical all by himself? You have to see the show to find out...

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Tours Begin June 26, 2009
Tours Begin June 26, 2009

Six shows only! June 26 + 27, July 3, 4, 10 + 11.

the cast

Starring, in order of appearance
Matthew R. Wilson, Gillian Shelly, Kevin Pierson, Bob Rogerson and Laura C. Harris

Written by David J. Loehr and directed by Joel David Santner

High concept.

The script has been described as "...something like the Neo-Futurists meet neo-classicism. With Mamet jokes."

But there's so much more. Arthur Miller jokes. Sartre jokes. And a lot of jokes that have nothing to do with theatre, too.

Comedy, drama, romance, tragedy, music, multimedia, we've got a little of everything.

And Mamet jokes.

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